Message from the Ambassador


It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to wish you, our Muslims brothers and sisters BARIKA DA SALAH! Congratulations for successfully completing your fast and prayers, during these difficult times. Your resolve, resilience, and courage with the hopefulness that faith gives, are what I believe have kept you focused in this holy observance.

I would also wish to thank all Ghanaians for their support to our Muslim colleagues during the past 30 days. Our collective efforts at such times, provide the sense of unity that has enabled them to successfully complete the important pillar of their faith.

It is auspicious that the celebration has coincided with the easing of the restrictions. We are now to gradually attempt to enter ‘Phase Two’, of the easing of the restrictions by the Italian Government, and learn to “coexist with the virus”. The virus has not been exterminated and is still hovering around us. During the height of the crisis we remained law abiding and respectful of the rules instituted by our local authorities. Since the crisis is not totally over yet, permit me to use this occasion to sound a cautious reminder that we should be circumspect in our celebrations as we continue to observe all health protocols.

As we celebrate Holy Ramadan, it is my fervent hope that our faith and our prayers will keep us strong and continue to bring hope and comfort during these unprecedented times.

We have a lot to be thankful for, especially as the figures related to the COVOD-19 pandemic continue to reduce, and as restrictive measures are gradually being relaxed in accordance with the directives of the Italian government.

Let us continue to be guided by the safety measures prescribed by the authorities to enable us continually fight the pandemic that has completely changed our way of life these past months.

In the meantime, please be assured that the Embassy is still in the process of making every effort to ensure that all measures will soon be in place to enable us reach out to you, particularly in your Consular needs. These measures are to ensure the safety of everyone in our fight against the COVID -19 pandemic. The Embassy telephone lines, as well as the emergency numbers are still active.

I wish you all a joyous Eid Il Fitr celebration.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

signature HE Koranteng

Eudora Hilda Quartey Koranteng