Fellow Ghanaians,

The COVID 19 crisis continues to create health, social and economic challenges to all of us here in Italy. These are indeed difficult times for us individually. With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, and the complete lockdown, the country Italy itself is going through a particularly difficult period.

Despite our individual challenges, we have a role to play in this crisis to support the Government of Italy, as it continues to spell out measures to help contain, and successfully combat the disease. Your safety is of prime importance.

I therefore encourage   you to strictly adhere to the measures being put in place by the Italian Authorities. By doing so, you will continue to keep yourselves safe.

As Ghanaians, we have a tradition of showing support for each other in times of trouble and crisis. Let us also therefore be our brothers’ keeper in our respective localities, looking out for the interests of any who may need our support. Mission will in turn be monitoring the situation, advising and keeping in touch with you in your best interest.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that this difficult period will be over soon, with new opportunities for achieving our purposes for being here.

God bless our homeland Ghana.


Eudora Hilda Quartey Koranteng